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Want to attend convention, but are not a member? Membership is open all year, so join and come weave with us.

Convention 2014 Selection Booklet is now available. Check out the Events page to see it.

Member News

The AMB would like to put together a list of teachers. This list could then be used as a resource for new beginners or guilds looking for workshop instructors. Please fill out this survey if interested in having your name included. You must be an AMB member to be included on the list. This is a list of current teachers.

The AMB is looking for instructions for beginning weavers wanting to learn to make baskets. These instructions should include photos or drawings that a beginning weaver can understand. Please do not make copies from books, as that is a violation of copyright laws. If you have any instructions that can be posted on the Resources page, please send them to the Webmaster.

Guild News

Is your guild hosting an outside Workshop and would like others to know about it? Send an e-mail to the Webmaster and it can be displayed on the website.

Other News

Texas Basket Weavers Association 4th Annual Conference: The Texas Gathering

Greetings from Texas! The Texas Basket Weavers Association is underway planning the 2015 conference to be held in the Austin area. This is going to be a fun and rewarding experience for many and we anticipate weavers from far and wide to join together for this special weekend. Check out their website for more information.