Welcome to the AMB Library

The library is a benefit to the AMB. The books currently listed have all been donated, and the hope is that in the future new books will be able to be purchased. As many of these books are out of print, this may be the only opportunity to look through them.

If you have any books to donate, please contact the librarian at the address below. The library will hold two copies of books. Any other duplicates will be sold and the proceeds will go towards the purchase of new books. If there are any books you would like to see on the list, please let us know. Look in the REEDER for reports on new additions and book reviews. If you are interested in helping with some book reviews, please contact the librarian.

Access to the library is one of the advantages of membership with the Association of Michigan Basketmakers. The following rules apply to all members borrowing from the library.

  1. Current AMB Members may borrow material from the Library. Please include your name, AMB membership number, US mailing address, email address and phone number on all requests.
  2. Books and materials may be obtained and/or returned at AMB events, directly from the Librarian, or through the mail. Please contact Kathy McMinn at 1449 South Milford Road, Suite C, Highland, MI 48357, 248-889-8600, or kathy@thebasketsampler.com. Please include AMB Library in subject line for email.
  3. There is a limit of three books (4 periodical issues = 1 book) at a time. Order books by AMB Library number and by title. You may want to include an alternate selection in case one of the books you request is unavailable.
  4. Please include a check made out to AMB for $6 for your order. This will cover the shipping cost.
  5. The borrower is responsible for returning material in good condition.
  6. Items borrowed by mail may be kept three weeks beginning on the day you receive them. Use the return address label that was included in your shipment. Books may be returned in the same mailing envelope if it is in good condition. Please check for special media rates that may apply when returning books.
  7. At this time, books and periodicals will be mailed only to the USA.
  8. Remember, books and other materials are protected by copyright law as indicated in each item.

Questions can be sent to Kathy McMinn at 1449 South Milford Road, Suite C, Highland, MI 48357, 248-889-8600, or kathy@thebasketsampler.com